Welcome to Trgo fortuna d.o.o.

offset printing materials wholesaler and distributor for Croatia and region

Trgo Fortuna d.o.o  is a company founded in 1996 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our primary activity is the wholesale distribution of printing production materials.

Since 2005, our headquarters have been in Sveta Nedelja, where the company owns a facility consisting of 120 square meters of office space and 500 square meters of pallet racking warehouse situated on the 5300 square meters lot.

The location in the close vicinity of main motorways and our own motor fleet enable a quick and easy access, while our own warehouse provides a sufficient amount of material supplies at all times. As exclusive representatives or distributors, we cooperate with numerous renowned world manufacturers of different kinds of printing production materials, whose products are offered in our product range. Accordingly, we provide technical support of both our and their technologists.

Trgo Fortuna d.o.o. is a team of employees of different educational background who continually improve their knowledge through attending various fairs and professional conferences in the areas of printing, ecology and environment protection. 


We nurture a deeply professional approach and try to be flexible in meeting the demands of each and every client. In eighteen years of being on the market we have gained considerable experience, made highly successful contacts with many well-known printing companies and bookbinders, and earned the reputation of a respectable company and a reliable business partner with more than 430 printing companies in Croatia and the region.